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Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Story - Medicop on Nobilis Erotica

Okay, so my idea of blogging more than once a month hasn't seen fruition. It's that work thing. I also want to give you more content than "what I had for breakfast this morning" (turkey leftovers) and "what I did on my Thanksgiving weekend". Well, actually, that was pretty interesting. The opportunity to write and podcast the story to which the title refers came about more by accident than design - (see the September blog). Basically, Nobilis, of the Nobilis Erotica podcast, asked the four of us in a chat room one night if we would sub for him for an episode in November while he devoted his time to his NaNoRiMo novel. BTW, he finished it today. Congrats, Nobilis!

I haven't written much in science fiction or erotica, but thought, "hell, why not?" Nobilis has a large audience and it would help get my name out there for when I *eventually* podcast my novel. Thanks to Nobilis, his wife, Dee, and Michelle Bekemeyer for giving me some feedback on the story. The writing part was easier than I thought ...

Then, I found out I have  an obsession. Anyone that has music or sound effects disc from Digital Juice will know what I mean. I decided to fancy up the audio with a few sounds effects ... then a few more ... then a little music .... the next thing I know, I was 24 hours into this production of a very short story and it was starting to sound like Metamor City. Oh well, it was fun and it advanced my learning curve on Audacity. My voice sounded a little like I was on the leading edge of a cold ... it was. So, forgive me for that ... if you even notice my voice, that it.

Anyway, it is what it is and it will be out there within an hour of my writing this. I'll post it here as well. Let me know what you think? I'm going back to the novel now .....

Link to Medicop


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